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21-Point business marketing Plan

everything you need to create and sustain a viable online business

At MH&A Media we have developed a COMPLETE Web Business program that will ensure that your online presence is a successful one. We've carefully designed this program to incorporate the very same methods used by today's Fortune 500 companies.

This program includes:

  • Requirement Analysis - A seasoned Web Marketing specialist will work with the client to anlyze the client's needs and formulate a good approach to their Web marketing initiatives.

  • Wire-Frames – MHA designers will create wire-frames prior to beginning the design process. This allows MHA to carefully diagram the Website's functionality and ensure that each page maintains a more 'User-Centered' structure before any actual design work is completed.

  • Site Maps – Site maps will created by one of our design team members, project manager or in-house UML architect. The site map outlines the navigational structure for the new Website.

  • Site Design Concept – The design team at MHA will provide The Client with 3 separate design concepts for The Client to choose from for the overall look-and-feel of the new Website.

  • Usability Testing – MHA has UE Certified experts that will complete thorough testing to ensure that the visitors to the new Website will be able to complete their tasks with the least amount of complications. This helps increase online sales and leads by eliminating most of the more common problems that people encounter when visiting a Website.

  • Content Pool – MHA will help The Client organize their content to create the proper 'Sales Funnels' in order to generate higher sales/leads.

  • Graphic Design – MHA's design team will create graphics for key areas of the Website to enhance its aesthetics - but more importantly – to enhance the conversion rates for particular sections of the Website as needed.

  • Prototype Implementation – The new Website will be uploaded to a development server for further Usability Tests and to prepare for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Initial SEO Research – Long-Tail keyword development and search-based analysis.

  • Competitive Analysis – Determine top 3 online competitors and provide a detailed report outlining strengths and weaknesses (compared to The Client's existing Website).

  • Off-Site SEO Analysis – Research and determine Link Popularity and Off-Site metrics as they pertain to SEO.

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization – Site structure, linking patterns, hierarchy, keyword density and general content placement will be carefully 'groomed' to ensure that The Client's Website achieves Top Placement for their chosen keyword phrases within major search engine's results.

  • Website Publishing – Once The Client's new (completed) Website has been properly optimized for maximum search engine exposure, MHA will publish it to the World-Wide-Web using a proprietary system called Internet Profit Content Management System (IPCMS).

  • Metric Gathering and Analysis – Embed IPCMS Analytic-Gathering code to track key metrics in order to develop Goals and Conversion reports for The Client.

  • Off-Site SEO Implementation – Develop a Link Popularity Campaign to increase linkage (3rd party Web sites linking into The Client Website), which in turn, increases the Website's visibility to the search engines indexes.

  • Copy-writing Services – The (SEO Trained) copywriters at MHA will analyze the existing sales copy and rework items as needed to ensure better “Mental-Triggers” and better sales, while maintaining the Website's proper SEO structure.

  • Article Marketing – Our veteran copywriters will assist in writing sales letters and copy as well as articles to market across a broad spectrum of Article Distribution Points. These published articles will help develop linkage (For SEO) and will produce additional Website traffic in the process.

  • Directory Submission Services – MHA will submit the new Website for inclusion on the Web's top Electronics and Appliance portals and business directories.

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) – The Client will need a sophisticated system for managing leads/quotes via the Web. This system will allow The Client to quickly look customers and leads as well as provide a communication module to reach out to multiple people at once.

  • Monthly Metric Reports – MHA will prepare monthly reports outlining the marketing progress and will include keyword analysis, Link Popularity reports and Web traffic metrics.

  • Monthly Analysis and Reworking - At MH&A Media we all know that you have to stay on top of EVERY change within the Web Marketing world and we will analyze and RE-WORK SEO, PPC and all web marketing as needed each and every month.


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