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It is unfortunate that many companies in this day and age still don't have a Web presence that produces results for their business.

It might be because companies don't know how to approach this business-generating channel or it might be that they're simply working with the wrong company, but either way, companies need to understand the power of the Internet and the Future of Business if they plan on growing their revenue.

There are so many people trying to push Web services to the public that most companies end up choosing the wrong company to handle such an important task. Most Web design and development companies claim that they can help a company to develop a winning online presence, but not many can deliver on this promise.

MH & A has dedicated itself to not only designing and developing beautiful looking Websites, but to also create an online BUSINESS that can actually produce leads and sales to make your project a good investment.

After all, what good is a great-looking Website if it doesn't produce?

On that note, MH & A takes a completely different approach to Web development... we call it Internet Business Development.

As Internet Business Developers we handle ALL of the different aspects that go into creating and sutaining a viable online business. Most Web development companies focus merely on the design and/or programming of a Website when we all know it takes much more than that to create a successful online venture.

It takes sohpisticated Usability Testing, User-Centered Design patterns and lots and lots of marketing.


Real marketing, that begins with initial requirement analysis and ends with a completed campaign prototype that has been tested and ready for launch.

Now, the problem that most companies face is that TRUE marketing can only be provided by a company with a very strong background in both 'Direct' and 'Web' marketing. A company that has years of technology-based marketing experience behind them.  And, a company that utilizes "Mental Models" that really work.

It takes more than just knowing Search Engine Optimiation and a few Web marketing tricks. It takes experience, sophistication and artistic talent to make your vision translate to the public in a way that creates more business and higher ROI's.

Companies might find it difficult to find Internet Business Developers like MH&A, and any REAL Web development company will charge a business THOUSANDS just to design and develop their Website with no marketing services to help them reach their goals.

This is why MH & A has created 3 complete Online Business Packages that were put together to address ALL of today's online business needs. From initial analysis, design and development to full blown marketing campaigns that are sure to launch your business into an entirely new level of success.

Each package was carefully developed for different stages of individual businesses and all are extremely cost-effective.

Instead of charging tens-of-thousands for a full-service Web project, we chose to help small and medium sized businesses by incorporating a well balanced pricing structure for each package.

It's like having your own 'in-house' team!

Below you will find links to our top 3 Online Business Packages:

  1. Basic Web Business
  2. Gold Business Package
  3. The Platinum Package

Or - contact one of our specialists for a free consultation by calling 1-888-444-6897


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